Month: September 2016

This Infographic shows some of the best cycling routes in Ireland

Cycling in Ireland Ireland has seen a huge surge in the popularity of cycling recently. People are now cycling to work, cycling for pleasure and cycling for fitness. Wherever you are in Ireland, you’re sure meet lots of bicycles, whether it’s a racer boosting their fitness or a mountain biker exploring the countryside. When it comes to cycling, there are lots of benefits. Cycling keeps you fit, helps you maintain your health and it’s also good for your mental health. Instead of working out indoors in a gym, cycling lets you explore your surrounds while getting some fresh air...

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Romantic Ambiance and Dazzling Food in Hartley’s Restaurant

Hartley’s Restaurant Dun Laoghaire It’s safe to say that anyone who knows Hartley’s is aware that it’s an expensive restaurant and not for the faint of heart. Many restaurants to this day have served us with food, great service and left us with memories of experiences to never forget. Let me tell you what Hartley’s are serving. They serve top notch quality food and exceptional service. When you go to Hartley’s Restaurant you must understand you’re not going to your casual day to day restaurant. You’re there to receive exceptional service from the welcoming host at the door, the amazing waiter...

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Why we love The Skin Nerd

The Skin Nerd If you haven’t already heard of her, the latest snapchat and currently trending on our phones is the wonderfully quirky, adorably funny and knowledgeable skin master Jennifer Rock. This skin nerd has made the skincare world fun to learn about and easy to comply with. We love her and here is why we think this Skin Nerd Rocks!! Shes quirky and funny to watch   Jennifer has created an almost cartoon character like version of herself. Her demeanor on screen and in her day to day life as we follow her is quirky, fun and generally...

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Gill Says This Juicy Rib Eye Steak “Tastes like more” – The Gables Restaurant

The Gables Restaurant On our trip to Spain, Ribadesella we met a man who’s name is Segundo and he recommended a visit to The Gables as he knows the Chef behind the food on the menu. Little did we know it’s located in our very own home, Dublin. So we paid a visit to The Gables Restaurant and happily walked in to a big and spacious place that gives you the sense that you just entered a cave with a centered fire that lights up the walls around it. the place has many wine choices and includes Wine Tastings events(with...

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My name is Liran and I arrived here 3 years ago after finding a job online.

Initially I thought I'll work for a year and leave, but something else happened.

I fell in-love with Ireland, and thus have built Hats off Ireland Blog with the purpose to promote Restaurants and Entrepreneurs alike while exploring all the hidden gems of the country.

Hats off...!


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