Day 1

After much consideration, Sligo was chosen for the town we wish to visit and explore in Ireland and show you a few things to do in Sligo.

We booked The Glasshouse Hotel which is centrally located within Sligo.
Beautifully designed and very colorful hotel, we found great deals on their website and grabbed one that suited our needs to spend 48 hours there with breakfast for both mornings.

It’s impossible to miss the hotel as it’s right at the center and is beautifully designed inside and outside.

Glasshouse hotel


Sligo Information Centre

Sligo Information Centre

After heading out for a walk, we stopped by the information centre, and the lovely lady inside was beyond helpful!
She pinpointed on our map the location of  taking a bus to Knocknarea and the time we should head out and perhaps return due to the bad weather conditions later that day.

Since we had a bit of trouble to find this information online, here it is:
The bus stops outside the walking path uphill to Knocknarea and it’s a 10 minutes walk to Strandhill once you get back down from the mountain.

These are the timelines for the bus.

You can find the map here

You can ask the bus driver to stop right where Knocknarea trail starts and you can climb upwards – through Queen Maeve ‘s Trail.


Our first meal that evening was at Eala Bhan.

This famous restaurant first opened in 2011 and is a success since opening day. “Anthony Gray is a Sligo Native and always viewed Sligo as a foodie town that was crying out for its local produce to be championed”

When President Higgins came to visit Sligo he went to eat there as well:

We could definitely taste the high quality of food served in Eala Bhan, we were beyond impressed and very happy to sit there, see the results and our experience below:

The design of the restaurant is brilliant and feels like you’ve just entered heaven.
Eala Bhan Eala Bhan Eala Bhan Eala BhanEala Bhan Eala Bhan

Our waitress was kind and friendly, we went on with the order – the early bird menu was on as we came in a little earlier than usual.

Homemade soup of the day: Potato and Leek.
Bread was unnecessary for this one. not too creamy and not watery – just perfect.
Eala Bhan

Chive and Red Pepper Fishcakes- Fresh cod and salmon in a sesame crum with curry lime oil, dressed baby leaf salad with a lemon and dill creme fraiche.
An absolute delight, the salad was magnificent and the Fishcakes flavor mixed with the sauce and lemon gave it a unique taste.
Eala Bhan Eala Bhan

Next up is the Duo of Posh Fish&Chips.
Tempura battered fresh Atlantic Cod with a Cod caper croquette, garden pea puree, baby leaf salad and twice cooked fat cut chips.
Eala Bhan Eala Bhan

The desserts arrived exquisitely designed and the mixed use of fruits was hats off one of the best we’ve seen in Ireland to date.
Strawberry Cheese Cake.
Eala Bhan Eala Bhan

They didn’t have a Warm Belgian Chocolate Cake, however…
The alternative was even better:

Chocolate walls with cream-based fruits inside that tasted like the gods have made this dessert for us – absolutely divine.
Eala Bhan Eala Bhan Eala Bhan

The Starters and Main dishes were delightful and finger licking good – we licked our plates and any sauce left on it.
As for the Desserts, they’re a fantastic meal finisher.

3 meal course(Early Bird) for 20€ is a really good for food that sticks to high standards and from the local produce of Sligo.

We’ll certainly be back to Eala Bhan – or perhaps Trá Bán which was first opened in 2009 in Strandhill, 9.5 Kilometers from Sligo.
We are happy to take our hats off for Anthony Gray, the Kitchen staff and the waitresses for an excellent service.

Make sure to stop for a visit in their restaurant, see the address and more below:
Rockwood Parade, Sligo
Phone: (071) 914 5823

Day 2

The next morning we woke up for breakfast and went for the bus towards Strandhill and made sure to tell our driver to drop us at the Knocknarea area and we started walking up the trail upwards through the mountain.

A very peaceful and quiet location that the locals are using the trail as an exercise or for a way to refresh your mind.

“In Irish mythology Knocknarea is the burial place of the beautiful Warrior Queen Maeve (Medb, Meadhbha) of Connaught. Queen Maeve was granted rulership over the kingdom of Connaught by her father, Eochaid Feidlech, the High King of Ireland and whosoever should be her husband would be king. Maeve had several husbands and demanded that they satisfy her three criteria – that they would be without fear, meanness, or jealousy. These traits were important, as her husbands were often challenged by rivals to single combat to the death, presumably with Maeve’s blessing, in an attempt to win her hand in marriage.”

things to do in sligo things to do in sligo
things to do in sligo

After walking down the same path, we went to Strandhill to view the beach.
It’s about 5-10 minutes easy walk to Strandhill once you reach down.

After several recommendations we went for a shop called Shells Cafe and though it would be a great place to sit and dine after the nice hike we just went through!

Shells Cafe must be the coolest place to sit for food outside as long as it’s not raining.
The food was absolutely fantastic and the place was packed with diners enjoying high quality meals.

Shells Cafe

“We Dont Do “Fast Food” We Do Good Food As Fast As We Can.

Shell's Cafe

The waitresses were very nice and apparently the RTE TV Crew was there to film inside, seems like this place is catching more than just our attention, Well done Shells!

Shell's Cafe Shells Cafe Shells CafeShells Cafe

Asian Slaw – Side:
Shells Cafe

Flat Fish: delicious fish sits on potatoes and green salad on the side.
Shells Cafe

Chickpea Burger Bun – The naked version comes without the bun and has a healthy salad instead.
Shells Cafe Shells Cafe

Shells Cafe was a joyous experience in such a wonderful location, the sea-blue colors are very calming and the view towards the sea makes you want to move in to Sligo and spend you Sundays coming in every Sunday for a relaxing day and delicious meal.

Make sure you visit their restaurant if you’re in the area, you can find them right in front of the sea in Strandhill.
Phone: 071 9122938

We finished the meal with Chamomile Tea – which was an absolute delight and to our our pleasant surprise it’s an Organic tea made by VOYA.
This sent us to the Seaweed Baths of VOYA next store to look around and purchase their Tea.

Voya Chamomile Tea
VOYA is a Seaweed Bath treatment process that is very relaxing, deeply moisturizes your skin, increase circulation and promotes healing.

We met a few tourists on our way back to Sligo that really enjoyed their experience in these baths and recommended it to us, so we’ve placed VOYA’s Seaweed Bath on our list for when we get back to Sligo again.

There’s a very calming vibe as you get in – worth a visit again or to purchase their Tea’s online.
Voya Voya

Visit their website to book your baths and massages with them!


Right outside, there’s a wonderful spot to finish off with Homemade Ice Cream for Dessert – Mammy Johnston’s.

They are also known for serving crepe’s – be sure to stop by if you’re in the area.
With plenty of choices to pick from, their Ice Cream is one of the deadliest to freeze your tongue with and sweeten it at the same time.

Mammy Johnston's
Mammy Johnston's Mammy Johnston's Mammy Johnston's Mammy Johnston's Mammy Johnston's Mammy Johnston's

Mammy Johnston's

They’re right, you can’t buy happiness – but you can buy Ice Cream and for us it is kind of the same thing. Hats off to you MJs!

Make sure to follow them on Social Media for a dazzling display of Ice Creams!

Phone: 08 72886915

We also found a Surfers School which is one more cool thing you can do in Sligo as it is well known for the big waves that surfers from around the world come here to challenge the waves!
Surfing School Strandhill SligoStrandhill Beach

You can find them on this website:

They have camps for kids and plenty of activities for every occasion, including stags/hen parties.


We finished our day here and took the bus back to Sligo which is heading towards Rosses Point and stops at Sligo’s bus station.

The bus stops inside Strandhill close to the beach, make sure to check the map at the end of the article for all the pinpoints we placed for you!

Day 3

The next day we went for lunch at Knox in Sligo and sat outside in the fresh air – outside and inside the place is beautiful, warm wooden material everywhere and especially on the walls it was very welcoming and we loved it.

The service was brilliant and the place is buzzing with great atmosphere!


We ordered the “Pulled Ham Hock” (Without the Ham) and extra Smoked Cheddar Cheese, it was real delight.
Knox Ham Toast
Knox Toast

House Salad – with Broccoli, Beetroot, mixed green leaves,  Pasta-rice with cucumber and mixed greens.
Hummus and hearty bread.
Knox Salad Knox Salad

The side order: Sweet Potato Fries with sour cream & chive dip was absolutely delicious, our best ones yet in Ireland to date.
Knox sweet potato fries

Knox is a great place to come in and chill with a few dishes for breakfast or lunch.
Make sure to check their Tapas menu as well – we’ve heard from locals that it’s great for groups!


Address: Sligo, 32 O’Connell Street
Phone: (071) 914 1575

While strolling on our last two hours in town after the meal in Knox, a nice looking place called Kate’s Kitchen caught our eyes from the outside.
So as we walked in we figured out the shop is a combination of a Cafe, Deli and a Shop.
This cute shop has a colorful and big selection of Teas for sale and cool accessories for making tea that as we sat for Tea we kept on getting up to look around again and again thinking we should buy something!

Kate's KitchenKate's Kitchen

Kate's Kitchen

Cosmetic products for sale, although unusual – it was an interesting find as these products look magnificent!

Kate's Kitchen

Jams and Teas of all sorts, Suki, Clipper, Pukka and the local VOYA. Even our beloved Solaris Tea could be found there.

Kate's KitchenKate's Kitchen

Kate’s Kitchen is a brilliant place to finish off in Sligo, every bit of that shop deserves a visit from anyone who would visit the town.

Address: 3 Castle Street, Sligo
Phone: (071)9143022

Follow them on Social Media:


County Sligo is amazing and yet we haven’t seen all of it, the nice people that say hello on the street while passing through is a very warming touch to this place – making you feel welcomed and at home.

We are so happy to have chosen Sligo as the our place for some time off, it is clearly not advertised enough and we are happy to have brought some attention to this calm place in Ireland which has plenty of activities that include Hiking, Cycling, Surfing, Horse Riding, Angling and Golfing. one of the latest additions which we could not place in our schedule is the FatBikes.

We highly recommend that as soon as you land in the town to check out the information centre for the newest activities or if you’ve made a change of plans, they’re incredibly effective.

We’ve also made note of that have plenty of valuable information on things to do in Ireland, so make sure to check their website and like them on Facebook! 🙂

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Train and Bus Stations

Bus Station Strandhill

Shells, Voya, MJ's, Surfschool

Eala Bhan


The Glasshouse Hotel

Kate's Kitchen

Knocknarea Trail Start and Bus stop