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Why we love The Skin Nerd

The Skin Nerd If you haven’t already heard of her, the latest snapchat and currently trending on our phones is the wonderfully quirky, adorably funny and knowledgeable skin master Jennifer Rock. This skin nerd has made the skincare world fun to learn about and easy to comply with. We love her and here is why we think this Skin Nerd Rocks!! Shes quirky and funny to watch   Jennifer has created an almost cartoon character like version of herself. Her demeanor on screen and in her day to day life as we follow her is quirky, fun and generally...

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The most buzzing market in Ireland: Milk Market Limerick

Once a week on Saturdays the famous Milk Market in Limerick rents out stalls for business owners and artisans to sell and promote themselves. We had great pleasure meeting these entrepreneurs who not only made great food, but showed us that opening a business is not a walk in the park and has two sides to it that requires consistency of quality, responsibility and innovative ideas. The second side we’ve seen was how unbelievably romantic they are and have a big sense of a small business with a huge growth potential. People with a vision of what they can do....

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Saorbuga is Hats Off one of the most stylish and practical new accessories on the market!

So, I’m aware that it’s Summer time. But I’m also aware that I live in Ireland, which unfortunately, for the majority of the summer months means the looming threat of rain… Luckily for me, I have discovered the perfect thing to keep my naturally curly (frizz-bomb!!!) hair under control during the humid and wet weather. Having recently graduated from my course, my Hats Off Ireland colleague (and creator Liran Tal) gifted me with a gorgeously stylish (and extremely Irish – tis bright green) beanie hat as a present. On further examination, I found that this trendy accessory is not...

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This Irish made ‘Pointy Box’ is hats off one of the most brilliant inventions

Pointy Box is designed to help shoppers find products for sale by local retailers right next to them, not only you will know where to find products right outside your house – no longer you will need to wait on shipments from amazon. The Pointy Box helps the local Irish shops be found with zero effort from the retailers – all you need to do is plug it in and every scanned product automatically finds the name and image using the barcode and no data entry is required. You heard it right – It’s all automatic. The box also...

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My name is Liran and I arrived here 3 years ago after finding a job online.

Initially I thought I'll work for a year and leave, but something else happened.

I fell in-love with Ireland, and thus have built Hats off Ireland Blog with the purpose to promote Restaurants and Entrepreneurs alike while exploring all the hidden gems of the country.

Hats off...!


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