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Stunning Time Lapse of Wicklow

This stunning Time Lapse of Wicklow by Darragh O Doherty deserves a hats off for this artistic video. He is also the owner of – Make sure you check it out! We are looking forward for more Darragh, keep at...

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Dublin City Time Lapse

Check out this beautiful Time Lapse – Hyper Lapse of Dublin by Ammar Saleh from Kuwait. The video was shot in a 4 months period. Hats off to you Ammar for the artistic...

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Where is this fella going?

This funny interview that was caught on TV is trending all over social media , just watch: When you're at Aintree with your girlfriend and know your wife watches BBC Breakfast— Nooruddean (@BeardedGenius) April 8, 2016 The man’s name is Luke Harvey, he’s a popular racing broadcaster and producer. All this is happening while she’s talking about her hat! Hats off to both of...

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Top 10 Irish mammy videos

We all love them Irish mammy videos and social media loves them too, so we gathered up the best of the best! 1. We start with this mammy giving out to her son for the Irish oral exam, well done mammy! 2. Dog ate mammy’s ham… or not? 3. This one mammy just doesn’t get how to get this camera working! 4. This mammy is trying to get this spider killed… for 4 minutes…! 5. That’s how you do an ALS Ice bucket challenge, Irish mammy style. 6. Irish mammy vs bee!   7. Fake egg   8. Parody:...

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My name is Liran and I arrived here 3 years ago after finding a job online.

Initially I thought I'll work for a year and leave, but something else happened.

I fell in-love with Ireland, and thus have built Hats off Ireland Blog with the purpose to promote Restaurants and Entrepreneurs alike while exploring all the hidden gems of the country.

Hats off...!


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