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Ireland’s Musical events for 2017

Ireland’s Musical events for 2017 Ireland attracts many celebrities and artists that go on tour in Europe, I’ve gathered a list of all the tourists and locals who plan their vacation in Ireland to make sure you don’t miss on any of them. Even if you don’t know some of them and have never been to any of the concerts these bands are having in 2017, you most likely have a few friends who do and deserve to know the when and where. New Years Eve 2016-2017 – NYF Dublin New Years Festival(NYF) is an event you don’t want...

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This Restaurant had 24 no shows in Sligo and they donated the food to the Homeless

I promised to never post anything negative on Hats off Ireland(And yet, it’s somehow positive), but seeing as Eala Bhán, one of the favourite restaurants I have visited on my journey to Sligo had 24 NO SHOWS after ringing twice to confirm, I found some good after all!   Many have reacted with anger and sympathy for the famous restaurant, an hour later they decided to hand out free food to a homeless shelter in Sligo. Fortunately, Something incredibly good came out of this thanks to Eala Bhán. As a writer about restaurants and seeing the hard work of...

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The tale of a man who fell to his knees crying for ice cream from Tesco

It seems like there’s no end to ice cream stories this month, all that Dav Nash wanted was a little bit of Ice cream from Tesco, however to his surprise, he got a sad looking cone missing the best ingredients. Check out his ‘Complaint-story’ to Tesco on Facebook: Once upon a time, a small indepedent store called Tesco crafted a very special Cornetto (of course, it was not a...Posted by Dav Nash on Sunday, April 3, 2016 The story doesn’t end here, “Tescodonia” replied to Dav Nash with creativity – whoever is behind Tesco’s social media is truly rocking it and...

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My name is Liran and I arrived here 3 years ago after finding a job online.

Initially I thought I'll work for a year and leave, but something else happened.

I fell in-love with Ireland, and thus have built Hats off Ireland Blog with the purpose to promote Restaurants and Entrepreneurs alike while exploring all the hidden gems of the country.

Hats off...!


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