FX Buckley’s – Is it the best Steak in Dublin?

Hearing from a good friend and a colleague from work who follows the blog constantly about FX Buckley’s was truly intriguing.
Considering he mentioned that this is probably the best steak in Dublin, how could I resist?
So I told the rumors I’ve heard to Gillian, She mentioned there’s one located in Monkstown we should try first.

So off we went to Monkstown. We found out it’s also a bar downstairs which also serves food and looking very lively and lovely! (did you know Lovely is an Irish word?)

We saw there’s a deadly looking Early Bird menu and the Steak is also on it and Gill had recalled a mind boggling Homemade Dessert and wondered if they still serve it.

FX Buckley's

Walking up the stairs and into the restaurant, beautiful pictures will truly stun you.
There’s this ‘clean’ feeling inside and that you’re like a VIP ready to be served in one of the poshest rooms ever. FX Buckley's

Sitting down in FXB truly feels great. Once seated – you receive in just a few minutes a selection of bread slices with Butter, Red and Green Pesto
FX Buckley's Selection of Bread and PestoFX Buckley's Selection of Pestos

Grilled Halloumi Cheese on a perfectly fried Crostini with Tomato & Basil Salad.

This is perhaps one of the best Grilled Halloumi cheeses we’ve had, sits wonderfully on the Crostini.
Definitely not dry and it’s a truly contrasting entrée that feels just right with the Salad’s selection of seasoning with basil.
FX Buckley's Grilled Halloumi cheese FX Buckley's Grilled Halloumi cheese FXB Grilled Halloumi cheese

Chargrilled Chicken Supreme.

Graciously seated on a Portobello Mushroom and Sautéed Spinach, with roasted Cherry Tomatoes, Brandy & Green peppercorn sauce.
Fancy dish and a finesse of cooking could be felt on that texture of the chicken, certainly happy!
FX Buckley's Grilled Chicken
FX Buckley's CharGrilled Chicken

Creamy Potatoes and French Fries that came together with the Main Dishes.
FXB Fries

8oz Dry Aged Sirloin Steak.

Chargrilled, with fried onions on top with a mouth watery green sprouts to help it slide and Pepper Sauce.
There is no doubt that this is steak, gets the award for one of the best steak in Dublin.

Cooked per my request, Medium-well.
Tenderness was so beautiful, this juicy steak deserves a massive hats off.

The Pepper Sauce was so high end, that it melts and sits in the steak once combined and not taking off the flavor and this unique melt in your mouth of the steak.
FX Buckley's 8oz Chargrilled Sirloin Steak
FX Buckley's 8oz Chargrilled Sirloin SteakFX Buckley's best steak in dublin

And how can we not finish such a brilliant meal without dessert?
Don’t worry, we covered this area too.

Homemade Ice Creams – Vanilla, Strawberry and Brown Bread with Homemade Butterscotch Sauce.

Most Ice Creams taste the same, not this one though.
You can tell it’s Home-made and someone really talented is behind this one. With a mix of berries to add to this awesomeness.
FX Buckley’s nails the Ice Creams too!
FXB Homemade Ice Cream FX Buckley's Homemade Ice Cream FX Buckley's Homemade Ice Cream


To summarize the pleasant stay in FXB’s, we certainly enjoyed every minute inside.

The pictures make you truly immerse inside a world of some imagination that made me stay back for a minute on the stairs up to glare at them.

Greatly seasoned food with combinations that do not throw in too many flavors and let you enjoy the dish the way it is.
Grilled Halloumi Cheese, Grilled Chicken and a Grilled Steak! A dream come true for every foodie.

We are most pleased and happy to take our hats off for certainly one of the best steak in Dublin. The homemade Ice cream was truly surprising.

So looking forward to try their other restaurants and pubs around Dublin and we can without a doubt recommend and guarantee there’s no disappointment to be found here.


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Number: 01 284 6187

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