The Gables Restaurant

On our trip to Spain, Ribadesella we met a man who’s name is Segundo and he recommended a visit to The Gables as he knows the Chef behind the food on the menu.
Little did we know it’s located in our very own home, Dublin.

So we paid a visit to The Gables Restaurant and happily walked in to a big and spacious place that gives you the sense that you just entered a cave with a centered fire that lights up the walls around it.
The Gables Restaurant The Gables Restaurant The Gables Restaurant The Gables Restaurant The Gables Restaurant

the place has many wine choices and includes Wine Tastings events(with food) at the end of every month, make sure to check the link at the bottom once you’re done drooling of the blog to get there.

So to get down to the food part of “The Gables Restaurant” we were served by really nice waiters throughout the course who were really helpful and patient with us.
The menu changes seasonally and leaves the impression that food is fresh and at its highest quality when the chefs prepare it.

As we sat down, we received two slices of soda bread with Butter while we were trying to make our choices from the menu.Soda bread with Butter

Seared King Scallops

We chose the smaller option of it for an appetizer as we wanted to make sure there will be room for dessert.
They come served with baby gem lettuce, cucumber and Lemon Cream Sauce that really made this dish nice.
With our little experience of eating scallops, we we’re delighted we the way they were cooked – definitely didn’t have the ‘rubbery’ texture as Gordon Ramsay says.
Seared Scallops The Gables RestaurantSeared Scallops The Gables Restaurant Seared Scallops The Gables Restaurant Seared Scallops The Gables Restaurant
Beautifully seasoned, we couldn’t be any happier and expectations raised even higher for the main dishes.

Grilled Green Asparagus

With Manchego and Truffle oil, a truly delicate dish grilled wonderfully and tastes delicious.
It’s not often you will find Truffle oil with Manchego grind on it, very creative and unique.
no disappointments served so far – our expectations raised even higher.
Asparagus Truffle Oil The Gables RestaurantAsparagus Truffle Oil The Gables Restaurant

Fish of the Day – Hake with Basil Oil

Cooked graciously as Hake is known to be a light and delicate fish that must be done with care or the flavor and texture changes completely.
The skin and inside texture absorbed the seasons perfectly and gave it this lovely taste of heaven.
Fish of the Day Hake The Gables RestaurantFish of the Day Hake The Gables Restaurant

And it comes with a side order of your choice – Gill has taken the Mash Potatoes.
Mash Potatoes The Gables Restaurant

Grilled 10 oz Hereford Ribeye Steak – AKA “Tastes like more”

Per my request from The Gables Restaurant waiter, I asked for it to be cooked Medium-Well with a bit of pink on the inside.
The steak came exactly as I wished for it to be cooked:
Grilled beautifully on the outside, Juicy on the inside and with Pepper Sauce to compliment it. 

The tenderness was unbelievable, do not walk up to The Gables Restaurant and leave without ordering that Steak.
The Gables Restaurant Ribeye steak
The Gables Restaurant Ribeye steak The Gables Restaurant Ribeye steak

Chocolate Fudge with Ice Cream

Warm and creamy Chocolate Fudge that will lighten up your day, just the way we like it here!Chocolate Fudge with Ice Cream The Gables RestaurantChocolate Fudge with Ice Cream The Gables Restaurant

Vanilla Panna Cotta in a Jar

Beautiful and fresh strawberries with almond bits on top of a creamy Vanilla Panna Cotta that absolutely stunned me, the finesse to make it was done beautifully – Hats off!
Vanilla Panna Cotta in a Jar The Gables Restaurant
Vanilla Panna Cotta in a Jar The Gables RestaurantVanilla Panna Cotta in a Jar The Gables Restaurant


Gables Restaurant simply didn’t disappoint us one bit, in fact – they have surprised us again and again during the meal with the delicious food served.
From the decor to the food, The Gables simply nailed it.

Perfectly Seared Scallops. Unique Asparagus with Truffle oil. Tender Hake with Basil. A Ribeye steak that “Tastes like more” and desserts that melted our hearts.
The Gables joins our list of restaurants that we take our hats off to, before walking out – I made sure to let the chef know that the food was amazing and he did a perfect job on the steak.

We’ll be back… Hats off to you The Gables!

Wine Tastings & Tapas nights

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