Following the Delightful Experience we had in Gotham South last month, the oven section was not easy to miss.
Happy to return to return to a very nice looking restaurant with the charm of the RollingStones magazine covers on the wall.
We decided to give the restaurant the credit it deserves as the Wood stone Oven has really caught our attention on our first visit.
The design keeps on stunning us with the RollingStone magazine covers on the walls – again with memories of childhood and old pictures of Britney Spears, Jennifer Aniston and the King of Pop – Michael Jackson. (we won’t spoil the rest!)

Located just 15-20 minutes walk from the Stillorgan Luas stop, you should definitely give the place a visit, the decor will take you back through memory lane at least 2 decades:20160605_195613 20160605_195607

Besides the decor, we really want to thank the service for being so nice to us throughout the experience. They respond immediately if you need something and are always kind.
Even this awesome guy who makes the Pizzas posed for us – Thank you!

Gotham South

Look at the massive stand they have just for the Pizzas section and the Oven behind is magnificent!

Although a single Pizza per person should be a big enough portion, our starving bellies thought otherwise and we ordered a starter as well.
This Mexican Guacamole is an absolute delicious mix of Avocado and Salsa with Sour Cream that made ‘someone’ take a bite before taking the picture.

20160605_194958 Gotham South

The soft tortillas make this great for sharing with one more person, and is not too heavy for eating Pizza after.

Speaking of Pizza, they come Blazing hot as expected when they’re made in a Woodstone Oven, and with our buddy that gave the thumbs up!
Soho is a Pizza which is vegetarian friendly, with fresh Spinach, Black olives, Garlic, Feta & Mozzarella cheeses.

Gotham SouthGotham South

The dough is amazing, baked perfectly in the oven and left a taste that lasted for a long while and a desire to return for more Pizza once my tummy gets some rest.
Cheeses and veggies were amazing. I could feel the freshness and the high quality again of the products used. I’m a happy customer!

Moving on to Gill’s pizza, she ordered the Central Park Pizza.
Believe it or not, that’s Hummus on it. pretty similar to the Soho with the addition of onion. However the base is also Hummus based.
Although fairly a heavy pizza to eat, it was unique and the blend of the Hummus in the dough is very innovative!

The waitress suggested that the Central Park pizza is really nice with Parma Ham.
Gill couldn’t decide if she wants to keep the pizza vegetarian or not, so she went with the veggie option, but the waitress kindly brought over 2 nice pieces of Parma Ham on the side to try.
She was extremely friendly and made the experience so enjoyable. True to her word the Central Park is Yummy with a side of Parma Ham!

Gotham SouthGotham South

Gotham South has roots that stand strong in place and is very consistent in the quality of service and food served for their customers.
We were so happy to return to this stunning restaurant, and we’ll be happy to be regular customers.

Have you been in Gotham South/Cafe? What is your favorite dish in there? Let us know in the comments below!

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Tel: 353 1 212 2505

4 Kilmacud Road Lower
Stillorgan, Co Dublin

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4 Kilmacud Rd Lower