Unique, Quirky and Eco Friendly so glad we fumbled upon this charming café in Dublin City very close to St Patricks Cathedral.  st patricks cathedral dublin


Fumbally Café

Just on the street corner off Fumbally Lane you will find this endearing café owned and ran by Aisling and Luca.  In their own words it is a culmination of 4 years of cooking, travelling, working at festivals, gathering ideas, arguing those ideas, making mistakes, making new friends, finally realising those ideas, having lots of dinners, tasting new things, building a kitchen and seeing what will happen. True to that testament is what we found at this café evidence of hardwork, passion and a love of earthly things.

Immediately on entering there was a sense of business about the place. We could see that there was a queue for food and all the tables were packed with clientele who seemed relaxed in groups, chatting as couples or leisurely reading/ working away on their laptops.

fumbally cafe

It is the kind of place that welcomes all walks of life. We noticed 3 dogs onsite with their owners happy as they sat quietly while their owners dined. There is a sense of hipsters as many of the customers were cool hip style people of all ages. Even the dogs looked hip.

The interior is quite unique in a sense that it’s not overly nurtured; it has a rustic feel to it. Bench style seating allows for groups to sit tightly together and quite often others were seen sitting alongside others just to fit it. That’s what we did and what most do just so you can be there. Sometimes I don’t like this idea but in fact we got talking to a lovely couple and it only added to our experience here.

fumbally cafefumbally cafefumbally cafe

The Food

Immediately I noticed the menu was full of fresh products, but above all what caught my mind were Green Eggs and Ham. I was so excited. I am Sam is one of my favorite movies and as I approached the till I had to ask is this where the name came from. The book is written by Dr Seuss, he is mentioned alongside the choice, but the barista told me I was the first to ever ask about the movie I am Sam as she nodded happily. I along with half the café had order it. Green Eggs and Ham on Fumbally way did not let me down. The avocado was perfectly ripe and combined with a fresh brioche and mouth watering chorizo I was one happy camper.

fumbally cafe

If you haven’t yet seen the movie I am Sam it’s a must see!

The Full Movie

The second dish was the daily special which was a Korean dish with a Fried Egg on Rice, a delicious mix of spices with breakfast.

fumbally cafe fumbally cafe

Finally we finished off the day with gluten free chocolate cake, yummy, topped with whipped cream I can gladly say I was satisfied for my Sunday Brunch date.

fumbally cafe gluten free cake fumbally cafe

What impressed me most about café was its edge to be Eco friendly, the toilet signs on the door were made out of cute drawings made on cardboard. At the till you can order your coffee to go in reusable glass cups and the sugar was served not in sachets like in most cafes but in a large bowl to allow reduced amount of waste.

I am so glad we fell upon this cafe, it is no doubt excellent in cuisine and providing an excellent service, the staff are friendly and each quirky in their own way.

Like in Dr Seuss book, you might not know you like it until you’ve tried it ……..


I like green eggs and ham!

I do! I like them, Sam-I-am!

And I would eat them in a boat!

And I would eat them with a goat…

And I will eat them in the rain.

And in the sweet cafe off FUMBALLY LANE

And in a car. And in a tree.

They are so good so good you see!”

Hats off to Fumbally café!


*Note – They are closed on Mondays, read this to understand Why
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