Hartley’s Restaurant Dun Laoghaire

It’s safe to say that anyone who knows Hartley’s is aware that it’s an expensive restaurant and not for the faint of heart.
Many restaurants to this day have served us with food, great service and left us with memories of experiences to never forget.

Let me tell you what Hartley’s are serving. They serve top notch quality food and exceptional service.
When you go to Hartley’s Restaurant you must understand you’re not going to your casual day to day restaurant.

You’re there to receive exceptional service from the welcoming host at the door, the amazing waiter that has been assigned to your table and food made with extreme finesse and technique.

We have found that the price to pay for such service is just right and the way it should be.

Housed in the former Kingstown railway station, stands proudly a beautiful restaurant inside that opened in 2007.

Hartley's Restaurant


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Hartley's Restaurant Dun Laoghaire Hartley's Restaurant Dun Laoghaire Hartley's Restaurant Dun Laoghaire Hartley's Restaurant Dun Laoghaire Hartley's Restaurant Dun Laoghaire

Beige on dark black has combined a romantic design that keeps you intrigued and looking around through the whole meal due to the size of the place and with how spotlessly clean it is.

Moving on to the food, the very nice waiter has introduced us to today’s Specials, when he mentioned the organic Salmon Wellington I was sold.(Spoiler)

Hartley's Restaurant Dun Laoghaire Menu

So we went on with our order, and here’s the results.

Hot and Spicy Chicken Wings

With Celery and Roquefort dip, these wings were very vinegary – so vinegary that our eyes were twitching. (In a good way!)

Hartley's Restaurant Chicken Wings Vinegar

So vinegary – your eyes will twitch!

Hartley's Restaurant Chicken Wings Vinegar

Rocket and Parmesan salad

Rocket Leaves mixed with Parmesan cheese with drops of Balsamic Vinegar sauce on top.  Hartley's Restaurant Rocket Leaves with Vinegar

Salmon Wellington

With Mascarpone Spinach and Prawns, Wholegrain Mustard Hollandaise and Rocket Salad.
The pastry was baked to perfection, easily one of the best pastries I’ve had in a Wellington dish, Organic Salmon as you can see is just the right color of pink.

And god almighty the Mascarpone of Spinach and Prawns inside is insanely delicious, creamy and seasoned so well that it’s easily deserving our hats off to the chef.

Hartley's Restaurant Salmon Wellington

Surf n’ Turf

5oz Fillet Skewer of Char-Grilled Hereford Beef that taste like heaven on earth, Juiced up with a wonderful peppercorn sauce.
Fantastic hot Buttered Garlic Prawns and Crab Claws that were so big you’d think we might have been invaded by giant crabs, Tender and cooked with finesse – so lovely.

Hartley's Restaurant Surf n' turfHartley's Restaurant Surf n turf

Hot Chocolate Fudge Sundae

It’s been a few days, but the taste remains my mouth and mind.
The chocolate fudge just wonderful amount of it to mix with the creaminess, so tasty you can’t pass this one up.

Hartley's Restaurant Hot chocolate fudge sundae

Hot Chocolate Fundge Sundae – We dare you to say NO to that….!

Hartley's Restaurant Hot chocolate fudge sundae


Hartley’s Restaurant in Dun Laoghaire has far more than surpassed our expectations, Decor is 100% fantastic for a romantic date with a loved one or a night to share with friends on the bar.
Each served dish felt special and hearty with its own unique blend, we absolutely LOVED it.
From the eye opening Chicken Wings with vinegar and fresh salads, the deadly combination in the Surf n’ Turf and the lovely Salmon Wellington.

This is a restaurant that will not disappoint you, exquisite food and ambiance that are certain to leave a mark in your memory to never forget it.

Hats off to you Hartley’s!


For bookings, Call: 012806767 or email bookings@hartleys.ie

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