Okay so this is Ireland. Everyone that either lives in Ireland, has been to Ireland in the past or is intent on visiting Ireland during the summer knows not to expect too much of us weather wise.

We are a country known for our rain and the ability to experience a glimpse of all four seasons in one day! We are also a stereotyped country known for our traditions, our history, our beautiful scenery, our charm and our friendliness.

What is lesser known to people is the amount of available things to do in Ireland, and coming into the summer months, when we are praying for (and expecting) a bit of fine weather, we here at Hats Off have decided to put our optimists hats on and make a small list of some of the lesser known but equally amazing things on offer in our gorgeous country this summer…

Dolphin Discovery

Take a 2 hour boat trip on-board the ‘Dolphin Discovery’ in Kilrush, Co. Clare and be in with a chance to see the local school of bottle-nosed dolphins that frequent the area. Lots of fun and ideal for a family day out with great memories guaranteed!


St Michan’s Church

Discover the beauty of this traditional Irish church with a hidden secret! Located in the heart of Dublin, St. Michan’s appears to be a regular, modern day functioning church. Unknown to most, beneath ground lies the real attractions of the church. Mummies & Crypts! Due to natural circumstances, coffins held beneath the church over time eroded and whatever caused this erosion also caused the bodies within these coffins to be naturally mummified. The arm of one of these bodies, nicknamed ‘The Crusader’ pokes out of the coffin and it has become tradition for visitors to shake hands with the mummy. A perfect day out for those who love a little bit of history & mystery!

St. Michan's Church in Central Dublin. The building - some of which dates back to the 11th century - has a series of crypts, which house 'naturally mummified' corpses

Keem Bay

Visit this picturesque bay in Achill Island, Co. Mayo with its sandy beach and clear blue waters, bordered by cliffs and mountains, an ideal setting for a summers hike. Also visit the nearby ruins and remains of a stone village. This ethereal place is perfect for swimming, scuba diving or snorkeling with its secluded location and predominantly uninhabited surroundings, experience a taste of pure peace and paradise.


A huge Hats Off to our wonderful country and the variety of hidden little gems nestled amongst the greenery of this island!

So set off this summer and explore Ireland, whether you’re here for a visit or just wanting to be a tourist in your own country, have an adventure and see some of the many beautiful things Ireland has to offer! See you all there….