So we all know that Irish is not the easiest language to speak, even those of us that are born and reared here aren’t necessarily the best speakers.

But Irish or Gaelic/Gaeilge as it is also known is a beautiful and bewitching language, with its lilting and musical tones and melodic words. Unfortunately, it is also a fading language in our country.

So we have decided to create a little guide here at Hats Off Ireland on ‘Irish Made Easy’ to help everyone, no matter where they are in the world, learn to speak a little bit of our beautiful native tongue.

Irish made easy


We are going to look at some common Irish phrases and break them down phonetically.

Hello:                                   Dia duitDee-Ya-Gwit

How are you?                     Conas atá tú? – Cunn-Ass-A-Taw-Too

I’m Good, and You?          Tá mé go maith, agus tú féin? – Taw-May-Gu-Moth, Aug-Uss-Too-Fayn

I’m Happy:                          Tá áthas orm – Taw-Aw-Hus-Or-Um

Welcome:                            Fáilte Fault-Cha

Thank You:                          Go Raibh Maith AgatGu-Rev-Moth-A-Gut

I Like It:                                Is Maith Liom é  – Iss-Moth-Lum-Aye

I Love:                                   Is Aoibheann Liom – Iss-Eve-Ann-Lum

I am in love with _____:  Tá mé i ngrá leis – Taw-May-In-Raw-Lesh

Please:                                   Más é do thoil éMosh-Aye-Du-Hull-Aye

What’s Your Name?           Cad is ainm duit? – Cod-Iss-Ann-Im-Dit

My name is _________:  (Insert Name) is ainm dom– (Insert Name)- Iss-Ann-Im-Dum

Cheers:                                  Sláinte Slawnt-Cha

Goodbye:                              Slán – Slawn


So no matter where you live, keep a little piece of Ireland with you by learning this simple little piece of our charming and alluring language.

And a huge Hats Off to all those who are keeping our wondrous language alive!

So whether you’re getting to know your ancestral roots or broadening your horizons, come visit us and try out your newfound skills…

Táimid ag tnúth le tú a fheiceáil go luath!…. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Irish made easy