Little Ass Burrito

I’ve had bad experiences with Burritos in the last 3 years in Ireland, considering the first one I ever had was actually here in Ireland.
Every chance I ate a Burrito it would tear up, drip and mess up my clothes then send me back in an Ambulance back to my toilet at home.
It was a DISASTER every single time, however, a few days ago I went up as usual to a restaurant but they were just closing and preparing for their dinner menu.

So I’m starving in the middle of Rathmines after working on my website, reading books and writing new blogs for  6 hours and an aching tummy.
And here it was, a place called Little Ass Burrito sign, not the most appealing name considering all my Burritos sent my landlord to uncomfortable visits.

So I crawl in hoping for a good quick meal just to kill the hunger, and I couldn’t decide for nearly 10 minutes on a Burrito. The nice fella at the counter suggested a ‘Cinco De Fryo’ and says it’s his favourite dish. I asked for some Nachos as well – just in case I’m headed for a train wreck of a Burrito.

I have to warn you, the Burrito you’re about to witness isn’t my normal “Appealing to your eyes” sort of picture. The taste, however – speaks volumes of this Burrito and I felt absolutely great after eating it.

The char-grilled chicken was delicious, and something I’ve never experienced before was the lime rice that added zestiness that changed my whole perspective of Burritos.
This is what I nicknamed that day “Redeemer” for the incredible taste of fresh beans and Jack Cheese.


little ass burrito menu in the bar

littleassburrito restaurant

Beautiful decor, phenomenal seating area and bar for a few bites with friends.


burrito and nachos

little ass burrito nachos

Nachos with “Smokey” Salsa. Dip – Crunch – YUM!


Open… sesame! I mean, Burrito!

little ass burrito cinco de fryo

Who needs a knife with bite marks like that? 😉


Little Ass Burrito is a place where people sit, eat and go – or you can take away and enjoy your meal at home.
I’m not a fan of spicy salsa, but I ordered the Verde Salsa for the Burrito which is the mildest of all Salsas. For the Nachos I chose the “Smokey” Salsa – Chipotle & Abobo, so delicious that I added this on top of my Burrito for extra pleasing taste.

I want to take a proper hat off for this Bad ass Burrito in Rathmines, from the helpful person at the counter. the vivid and hip design of the place. the fact they also serve Ice-cold BEER! and, most of all the “Redeemer” Burrito that brought my hopes back up.

Now, go storm the place and thank them!

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