Box Burger

While many of us love experiencing a tummy filling Burger from McDonald’s or BurgerKing at 4 AM (Let’s not get into a fight which is better), However, we all know that if you invest in a Burger, then you might as well have the best one you can get.

Well, The search is over guys – we have just found a really MEAN Burger.
I’ve heard of Box Burger before and this time I had the opportunity to have a taste of it too.

On the menu it says:
All their burgers are topped with Lettuce, Onion, Pickle, Ketchup, Mayo and Mustard except for the Mexican, Seitan and Aubergine Burgers.

Dark environment with Bright Tables makes it such an intimate and fun dining experience.Box Burger Bray

Box Burger Bray

Box Burger Bar

Hey look! There’s a Bar, think they serve cocktails?

Looks like they do, and what better way to start your Burger with a bunch of Cocktails?Box Burger Bray Cocktails

MEAN Mexican

Beef Patty, Fresh Chilli, Chipotle, Guacamole and Sour Cream. (Comes with a Frozen Margharita – in the middle of previous picture)
It was so mean, our tongue’s tasting glands called for an ambulance.
A worthy investment if your’e looking for a spicy burger – the buns they have are amazing and don’t fall apart.
The meat itself is very well cooked and melts in your mouth.

Box Burger Mexican

Dirty Fries

With Slices of Bacon and Pepper Sauce. My goodness… that’s a lot of sauce!

Box Burger Dirty Fries

MEAN Double

I was so hungry that day, I felt like a double will do just fine.
x2 Beef Patties, Bacon, Cheese and Egg.
Now – I must say this is one of the MEANEST Burgers I’ve had. Pretty damn Juicy and Tender on the inside yet Crunchy on the outside.
Tastes very delicious and it’s one of the best I’ve had. Halfway through it felt like I can’t eat no more, but I shoved it in like it’s my last meal on earth. (It’s really that good!)
Box Burger Double Burger


Was it tasty? Yes
Are you going back there? Yes

I’m out of words to describe the burgers other than they were really MEAN and delicious and I can’t wait to get back there once I’m done with my diet.
We didn’t have any room left for dessert, don’t even bother thinking about desserts if you’re having sides with these burgers.

Check their Menu here and like them on Social media for more:

Phone Number: 015381000

Box Burger