HatsoffIreland stopped for a meal and we went to try a Mooch Frozen Yogurt, we had some lovely results!
Declan and Suzan came across it for the first time 10 years ago in New York and opened the first shop in Blanchardstown Shopping Centre and opened in additional locations: Dawson Street and Dundrum Shopping Centre.

We had the opportunity to jump in to their shop in Dundrum and we couldn’t be any happier with the results.

HatsoffIreland highly recommends their Frozen Yogurt – Their location is perfect considering all the restaurants right outside.
Providing a second (or first) opportunity to people who had a meal and feel like having a Yogurt to finish things off with a delightful taste which is customized extremely well.

Frozen Mint Chocolate Yogurt

Mooch Frozen Yogurt

Natural Frozen Yogurt

Mooch Frozen YogurtMooch Frozen Yogurt
Their varieties are incredible, from plenty of chocolates and fruits – a yogurt that is 0% Fat is welcoming and Gluten free + Organic all at once makes it a supreme Frozen Yogurt.

We take our hats off to Mooch also for their cool design that makes it outstanding and joyful to walk into.
Can’t wait here for the next time we go in for another outstanding Frozen Yogurt!

Make sure you check out their website here: Mooch Frozen Yogurt

You can also order online at this link: http://moochme.ie/order-online/

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