Looking up nearest place to my hotel,  I found a great looking place with high ratings – RAW Sushi in the Sky. 

After walking around and getting lost a bit I found it after someone mentioned on TripAdvisor that it’s located inside Radisson Hotel.

Coming up the 4th floor, the place looks absolutely stunning and has a Japanese atmosphere to it, from the host,  waitress and the chef behind the cool counter!

When I sat down I thought some woman forgot her purse on my table, to my embarrassing surprise it was actually the Menu wrapped up like a dark black scroll! How cool is that?

I ordered the Miso soup and a Mixed Vegetarian Sushi Roll.

The Miso Soup Soy comes with tofu, scallion slices and wakame and it was delicious -the Miso soup had the perfect spices to it, not too strong or missing taste – the tofu blended just right.

Mixed Vegetarian Sushi Roll had a great taste to it and was of the highest quality you can find in Ireland.

Comes with Cucumber, Avocado, Kanpyo, Mustard Cress and Toasted Sesame Seeds on top – very refreshing and filling.

I ordered also wine, but I can’t remember which one it was but it had great aroma to it and fits just right with Sushi.


RAW Sushi in the Sky are in a fantastic location with great view – even when you’re outside from the river side it looks great, the purple atmosphere inside is vibrant and mesmerizing.
The food is made with top quality of ingredients and it’s easy to tell from the Sushi.


They also seem to host Sushi classes – I’ll be sure to try that sometime, Chef Kuma’s sushi was was so tasty it’s worth learning from him.


Learn the art of sushi from the expert Chef Kuma, who will be sharing some of his secrets in the art of sushi in a special 90 minute master class. Enjoy a glass of wine on arrival whilst Kuma talks you through what equipment and utensils that are required to create perfect sushi. With tips on where to buy and source the very best fish you will also join in with helping to prepare a selection of delicious sushi rolls including Nigiri, Maki, Oshi and Temaki, perfect for Asiandining in Galway.

You will walk away very proud knowing you can make perfect sushi, just like the experts.

Date: First Saturday of Every Month
Time: 3pm-4:30pm
Price: €25 per person including glass of wine.
Contact: Tarron on 091 538212 or email: raw@sushiinthesky.ie


To book with them, contact Tarron: 091 538212 or Email: raw@sushiinthesky.ie 
Address: Radisson Blu Hotel, Lough Atalia, Galway

Raw Sushi in the Sky