Ordered a Vegetarian breakfast in River Bar – and I must say I’m impressed!

The bar looks absolutely great, by the way – right beneath it is the Passion Night Club (Check out Nightoutexpert.com for more information)

I asked for a tomato and mushrooms with scrambled eggs instead of the normal egg eyes, dish comes with warm drink, so I got myself a Green Tea.

The brekky dish arrived in a fairly fast manner, nearly hitting the 10 minutes mark.

It arrived with 1 Hashbrown, Beans, Scrambled eggs, the extra Mushrooms, a single Tomato and 4 pieces of half toast.

The mushrooms were absolutely perfect, small slices and with some black pepper on it.
Eggs were absolutely amazing, they had good flavor and cooked to perfection.
The tomato wasn’t so great, But I can say that in general about all of Ireland’s tomatoes, they lack the juiciness of a tomato from a warm country.

The toasts were fairly ok, Felt a little dry – but nothing like butter to smooth things.

The dish was just the right amount for a breakfast dish, however it wasn’t very unique or extraordinary for my taste.

I was there with my friend, and for some reason – we received the bill before asking for it, It was odd since we stayed there for a few more hours to write and work.

Cost: 7€

All in all, 4 out of 5 stars, I felt like there was nothing unique about this meal.