Sivad Grill & Wine Bar

While many restaurants open and close every other day in Dublin, Sivad Grill & Wine Bar in Leopardstown is one of the fantastic latest addition to Dublin.
Two minutes walk from the Leopardstown Valley Luas, This nicely sitting place is huge and has a lot of seating space.

Inside feels like a very posh restaurant , we enjoyed a deadly meal that only Sivad Grill could make.
In a very relaxing atmosphere and some good wine, while they suggest that their philosophy is ¨Simple flavorsome food” we felt that it was much better than that.
Perhaps simple is less than the ‘too much’ that you may find in some other restaurants, and that felt just right.

The menu has plenty of options to choose from, and it feels like every choice on that menu clearly specifies what you’re going to have, Sivad Grill nailed the menu perfectly well.

With 6 starter options. Special starters from the Grill – Steaks, House Burger and Chicken Brioche.
And then there’s the Main Courses which range from Lamb, Chicken, Duck, Pork and Fish.

Sivad Grill & Wine Bar

The decor is astounding, it has a very calming atmosphere to it.
Sivad Grill & Wine Bar

Beautiful pictures on the wall, there’s a great designer behind the planning made for Sivad Grill.
Sivad Grill & Wine Bar in Leopardstown:Sivad Grill & Wine Bar in Leopardstown:

Wine bottles hanged on a mirror, you can’t ‘google search’ this beautiful piece of art.
Sivad Grill & Wine Bar in Leopardstown:

A bit of a hard time to decide as everything looked so good on the menu.
But a decision was made and I went ahead with the:

“Sivad House Special Burger”

It’s a 1/2 lb of Irish Angus Beef, Cheddar cheese, Crisp Bacon, Tomato & Pickle and their homemade ketchup with Chunky Fries.

Sivad Grill & Wine Bar Leopardstown: Sivad Grill & Wine Bar Sivad Grill & Wine Bar Sivad Grill & Wine Bar

The beef was deliciously juicy and cheese melt perfectly the mouth, the bacon was perfectly cooked as well.
It’s definitely a burger that deserves our hats off!

I usually don’t like chunky big fries, however, these were crunchy and the plate went back to the kitchen empty.

“8oz Minute Steak”

This magnificent ‘Minute Steak’ was so good combined with the Peppercorn sauce, Gill absolutely loved it.
Combined with the Grilled tomato and wild mushroom it was a very good combo.

Sivad Grill & Wine BarSivad Grill & Wine Bar

Both were filled our tummies and we were satisfied without even getting a starter, that left us some room for dessert.
So we went ahead and ordered Cappuccino and Cake:
Sivad Grill & Wine Bar

“Sivad House Special Cheese Cake”

This is probably the best cheese cake on the planet. The waiter had no problem saying that all the customers go there for the cheesecake and absolutely love it.
He wasn’t wrong one bit, the amount of flavors in this delicious cheesecake has stunned us. the fruits are such a great addition with the chocolate.
You can’t go wrong with this cheesecake, making it perfect for every situation.

So here’s some drooling angles for you:

Sivad Grill & Wine Bar CheesecakeSivad Grill & Wine Bar Cheese cake Sivad Grill & Wine Bar Cheese cake Sivad Grill & Wine Bar Cheese cake

Sivad Grill & Wine Bar certainly deserve our hats off for their decor, service and delicious food.
It’s not your normal sort of Grill & Wine bar, you can stop by for coffee and the best cheese cake ever, which we must say – that price of the cheese cake is only 5.50!

We were so happy to sit and dine in this wonderful Restaurant and are looking forward to get back there many more times to come.

DO NOT skip that cheese cake.

Hats Off Sivad Grill & Wine Bar!

Their Menu:

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