For the last 2 months I bought Tea in Insomnia inside the SPAR shop outside my workplace and discovered the highest quality of TEA that comes in Teabags – Solaris Tea.

It appears their dream to ‘provide people with delicious tasting and health promoting organic herbal teas free from artificial flavorings and other additives’ is a major success!

They are a family established business, Joerg and Karin Mueller who are qualified Medical Herbalists based in Galway Ireland.

Throughout my life I always had my tea gathered from planted leaves in my family’s yard which made the most naturally grown tea (mostly Mint Tea) and had great flavor to it and contains many health benefits!

I also had the opportunity to try out all sorts of Teas here in Ireland, Heath & Heather, Pukka, Clipper.
But to my findings, none matched the ones made by the quality provided from Solaris.

My favorite so far is the Chamomile tea – You can actually see the flower and the high quality of herbs inside the teabag.
The herbs are sealed inside a very cool looking Teabag that feels like silk to your fingers and the strings end has the shape of a leaf.

A package of 20 teabags from Pukka costs around 3-5 euros depending on where you buy it from, while the Solaris package of 40 Tea bags cost me 17 directly from their website.

The money is well spent, and I highly recommend you give it a try.

Next I’m going to try the Leaf Berry Fruity Click the picture below for the Organic Tea Bags section and make your choice:

Solaris Tea

I’ll probably add to my order a few of the “Bebetter Chakra Teas” – just look at these cool round boxes! Hit the picture to get there:

Solaris Tea

They also run a blog on the website related to health and the benefits of tea and coupons.