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Teddy’s Ice Cream review – We couldn’t resist the temptation!

As promised, the review of Teddy’s Ice Cream is finally here following This story of Danielle Meagher who received her free Ice Cream that warmed our hearts here. This hot and sunny day in Dun Laoghaire was a great reason to get some Ice Cream and none other than Teddy’s. As expected – the place had a long line with so many people eager to get their ice creams. Yes, These are 3 waiting lines. While waiting, we took a look around at all these sweet candies – lovely location and such a friendly staff were extremely patient and nice...

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This frozen ice cream story has warmed our hearts

If you haven’t heard of it yet, Danielle Meagher stopped by Teddy’s Ice Cream and had no cash on her and asked the manager if it’s ok to put €2.50 on the card. In response, the manager handed her an ice cream as a pressie because “first 99 of the summer season is the best” Check out her Facebook post below that trends all over the place, with already 540(Update – now over 1000 likes) likes in just the first 24 hours! – the kindness from Teddy’s deserves a review and Hatsoffireland is headed there this week for some deadly 99!...

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