Deliciously sounding rumors of That’s Amore in Monkstown has brought us in to this amazing family behind this Italian Restaurant.
Do not be fooled by the size of That’s Amore’s restaurant, While it is small we were greeted by funny waiters and cooks who made it a funny experience with jokes and made it such a lovely experience throughout the entire Dinner from the moment we stepped in.

The restaurant was buzzing with people and it’s also known for the great takeaway pizza-to-collect.
Considering it’s an Italian family run Restaurant with Oven baked Pizza, you simply can’t say no to that!

Before we get to the food part(Usually the favorite part!) let’s begin with the story:
We had a short chat with the owners. Silvia Leo and Marco Valeri are bringing authentic ingredients of food directly from Italy or from a local source that supplies from Italy. While sitting waiting for our order we noticed several ornamental donkeys jotted around the restaurant. The desert menu was in fact hung around the neck of the cutest toy donkey ever. It was such a lovely touch and each table smiled as they were presented with the menu.  It made us think what a great idea we just had to ask what’s behind this little fella.

Silvia who was ever so friendly explained to us there is a story behind these donkeys. In the town where they came from in Italy donkeys are  loved, they were used for carting stuff before the existence of cars.  The story goes one day Marco called his brother Daniel a donkey  in a friendly way and ever since they made it their restaurant’s Mascot.

“That’s Amore” is also a Song composed by Harrey Warren and sung by Dean Martin. They also have the Lyrics written for you in the Menu.

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Food part, let’s go!

Melanzane alla Parmigiana – Layers of Aubergines filled with tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella and Parmesan cheese gratin.

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Insalata di Rucola – Rocked salad with shaved Parmesan, extra virgin olive oil, reduction balsamic vinegar.


4 Formaggi – a mouth drooling combination of 4 Cheeses, you read it right Four Cheeses, And very high quality.
Mozzarella, Gorgonzola, Scamorsa and Parmesan.


Diavola – Tomato and Mozzarella with spicy Salami. My goodness – look at it!


We were offered desserts by this awesome looking donkey, however we couldn’t find space in our bellies for pizzas so we weren’t sure what to do about it.
Our recommendation is if you intend on going for the Pizza it’s more likely you will have room for dessert as the starters took more than we thought in our tummies.
Although it’s Thin-Based Pizzas, it’s stretched out all the way and is one of the biggest and is hats off on the top of our list for Italian Pizza’s in Ireland.

Dessert menu:

After grabbing a picture of this cool donkey, one of the waiters came to greet us!

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The dining experience in That’s Amore didn’t just meet our expectations but went beyond them.
It’s a pleasure and deserves a hats off for such a nice family that makes sure high quality food gets all the way from Italy to their diners in Ireland.

“When you walk away from a place with a smile on your face, That’s Amore!”

For reservations: 01-2845400
Find them on Social Media and check their website for the menu below:

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That's Amore