The Best Time to Visit Ireland

Whether you’re planning a visit to Ireland with the family, looking for some adventure, or interested in some nightlife experiences.
The best time to visit Ireland is throughout several seasons, bank holidays, and the most important element that can determine your day; the weather.

So let’s start with the Weather in Ireland.
You wake up in your hotel to a beautiful scene of clear skies from the window, breakfast was glorious, and you’re now all set to go for a venture.
3 steps out the door and now you’re dripping with water from head to toe.

Thanks to Google’s weather man, you can now somewhat predict if the clouds are going to wake up on the wrong side of the bed tomorrow.
In some circumstances, it doesn’t exactly work.

Based on this historical data, from 1981 to 2010 Rainfall averages – the driest months are April, May, June and July, with an all Ireland average of approximately 80 mm each month.

Annual Rainfall

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However, in recent years, August and September have been looking to be in good shape temperature-wise, but it’s still wet during these months.
Specifically looking at Dublin Airport, even though these are the least amount of Rainfall in Ireland.

The best time to visit Ireland


To see other parts in Ireland of the average Rainfall and Temperatures over the years, hit the source link above.

A quick word of caution, on many occasions here in Ireland, sunny days have gone from 25 degrees of clear skies to lashing rainstorms in a matter of minutes.
On our trip to Sligo, we almost cancelled our hike to Knocknarea, stepping out from the hotel and walking towards the bus station – the rain nearly destroyed us. Few minutes under the shelter of a candy shop and the clouds were gone.

So when you’re coming to Ireland, remember one rule; at any day you can get caught with 4 seasons in 1 day.

4 seasons in 1 day Ireland The best time to visit Ireland

May to August are the finest months of the year, that is if you want to increase your chances of seeing the sun here.
But hope is not yet lost for the other months of the year in Ireland, in fact, let’s get one thing straight – Ireland is a great place to visit at any time of the year.

It’s so beautiful and fun here, you endure through the rain and winds on hikes, cycling and running!
Oh and if you thought no one goes out to spend their night in town drinking with the lads and girls on a red weather warning, you’re wrong.

Irish Women

Source: @LivingDublinAltogether Facebook page.

Major hats off to the Irish Meteorological Service for the accurate details, follow them on twitter for updates!