Right before I turned vegetarian 8 months ago, I would eat meat and lose consciousness on my sofa for eating the worst quality of food on a daily basis.

I was tired, exhausted and incapable of staying focused when I used to come back from work.

Trying to see how it is to be vegetarian, 8 months later, I’ve lost weight without even hitting the gym, I’m no longer feeling the need for a nap after work and I have a clear mind while reading and writing.

But I’m not here to convince you to change your diet nor your mind about what you should eat, However if these pictures don’t than you’re missing out!

Most people who go through a transformation of going from meat to veggies, found it hard to replace the juicy meat we used to eat.

With the help of The Happy Pear, becoming vegetarian(And staying vegetarian) is simple in 3 simple steps.

  1. Satisfactory and Healthy food
  2. Incredibly Tasty (and not just eye candy)
  3. Quick to make

Take a look for example at toasties with with hummus, avocado, pea shoots, alfalfa, black sesame & pomegranate seeds, this should take no longer than 5 minutes to make.The Happy Pear


How to turn Rice cakes from Styrofoam taste to beyond LEGENDARY? They have the answer!
Beet hummus, Avocado and Sun-dried tomato Pesto. Wow.

The Happy Pear

Beetroot, Walnut and Feta hummus burgers with Roasted carrot and Cumin hummus and Alfalfa seeds on top, my god I need that recipe!
The Happy Pear

Toasted spelt bread with Beet hummus & hummus, Avocado and Pomegranate seeds.

The Happy Pear

Almost ate my monitor while writing this, so before you eat your mobile – let’s stop with the food pictures now.
Who are they? “The Happy Pear”:

‘The Happy Pear started out as a veg shop but today they’re a whole lot more.  Their business now includes a family-run natural food store, offering local, organic and seasonal produce; two wholefood cafés and evening restaurant in Greystones; and a superfood sprout farm in Kilcoole.  All of their food is freshly prepared and cooked in their kitchens and it’s also available for take-away and for catered events, from a dinner party at home to a larger event.  They’re also known to provide nourishment to festival-goers throughout the summer months.’

They have an online shop where you can order organic produce directly to your house or workplace if no one’s home at the time.

They have a bestselling cookbook The Happy Pear – recipes and stories from the first 10 years with 100 recipes and chapters about “Eating healthy, Living healthy” and more!

The Happy Pear

They’re also part of Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube family.

They also run frequent health education courses, The Happy Heart Course (classroom and online versions), and provide talks on health, nutrition and lifestyle in workplaces and at events to inspire a healthier, happier world.

I truly love this part from their About page.
“In essence, The Happy Pear is a family and a community.  We’re all about making natural and healthy food mainstream and producing really great tasting products that make it easier for people to be healthier and happier.”

Check out their TED video below to learn in more detail about their story and who are these guys:

They admitted they have made so many mistakes, re-designing, re-shaping and playing around with their restaurant and business.
My favorite quotes from their video that shows these guys are the real deal and how very inspiring they are to entrepreneurs and the worldwide entrepreneurship community:

“If you want your business to be genuinely sustainable it has to offer profit to every single person”

“Our business has soul, and people are searching for anything that has soul”

“Jump in there, make mistakes.”


To “Wrap” things up, here’s something I make often with my favorite Happy Pear products.
Hummus, Falafel, Tomatoes, Bean mix sprouts and Pea shoots.
The Happy Pear

I haven’t visited their restaurant in Greystones yet, but I’m going there soon and I’ll be sure to bring you some more!
Make sure you check the map below to find them.


*Note: The food pictures were taken off their Instagram.

The happy Pear