I heard a lot about The Happy Pear from a friend and bought a few of their unique veggies they sell across the country and was extremely happy myself!

Pictures of their food from Instagram kept me starving and hungry even after big meals, their unique photography of food from the top is mouth drooling.

Most places will take pictures from the side and make  the food ‘appear’ nice.
But not these guys, they’ll show you the full picture, every time! so make sure to check their instagram.

Dreams of their food haunted me and I just had to go and sit down in their restaurant.
We ate from the lunch menu, and came back again the next week to try the evening menu!

Feast with your eyes people:


The Happy Pear     The Happy Pear The Happy Pear The Happy Pear The Happy Pear


The Happy Pear   The Happy PearThe Happy PearThe Happy Pear