Once a week on Saturdays the famous Milk Market in Limerick rents out stalls for business owners and artisans to sell and promote themselves.
We had great pleasure meeting these entrepreneurs who not only made great food, but showed us that opening a business is not a walk in the park and has two sides to it that requires consistency of quality, responsibility and innovative ideas.

The second side we’ve seen was how unbelievably romantic they are and have a big sense of a small business with a huge growth potential.

People with a vision of what they can do. It was possible to see the love in their eyes for their businesses, real romance.


We were initially aware of Nutshed by following her(Evie Ward) on Snapchat and Instagram. The photos of food are truly mouth drooling.
Health bars full of soul and heart given to it. Cakes that spice your life up and make you feel renewed.

milk market limerick

Superfood mixes of Bee Pollen, Chia Seeds and more!

milk market limerick nutshed milk market limerick nutshed

Evie has really cute boxes perfect made for a good amount of her goods, and we were content with taking a few with us!
Although not shown in the pictures(because I just had to eat it on the spot) – The Beetroot Brownie deliciously melted in our mouths.milk market limerick nutshed

Evie Ward has done an amazing job with Nutshed and we could tell she has been well rewarded for it and for that, we take our hats off to her!

Follow her to see more amazing pictures of her treats and check out her Website:

The Green Apron

We ran into Theresa and her incredible sense of business sits on her shoulders and displayed with her Stall.
Theresa and her mom Barbara arrived to Ireland from Seattle and the business opened in 1977 and passed on to Theresa in the 1990’s, the business is running for over 30 years!

She told us of her organically grown fruits and vegetables, without artificial preservatives or any setting agents – making the jams really taste delicious and healthier.
Her staff is none other than her Husband and their 3 children and they all assist the process of getting the jams on shelves through gardening and producing.  milk market limerick Green Apron milk market limerick Green Apron  milk market limerick Green Apron

Cute little gift bags full of heart!
milk market limerick Green Apron

The children, grew up to receive their very own awards – from her website:
“Alex( 21) is a National Winner in the Rotary Club Young Chef of the year 2011 and went on to represent Ireland in the International Rotary Young Chef of The Year . Bella (18)won her first award for cooking when eight and is working on her food blog . Athene (16) has won the title of  RTE’s Young chef of the Year 2011 on “Pans on Fire” (Its good to come to dinner at our house).”

They’re also accepting WWOOF Volunteers(World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) which is an organization for volunteers to arrive from world-wide countries to learn about the farm life and how to grow, maintain the farm and the organic lifestyles.

Theresa told us she just released her very own book “Fruit on the Table” on May 30th this year and it hit number 10 on the best seller list! The book will show you how to make the most of fruits that are in season, from pies to jams, smoothies and cocktails which also includes her award-winning preserve recipes and techniques.

milk market limerick Green Apronmilk market limerick Green Apron

Be sure to say hi to her if you visit the Milk Market in Limerick and buy those jars of pure deliciousness.
Like her on social media and Visit the website here: http://thegreenapron.ie/wordpress/

Sunflower Bakery

VI Russell is the lovely Scottish lady that owns this beautiful bakery, we went straight to her stall after Theresa from the Green Apron said the most wonderful things about her and the Bakery stall she has in the Milk Market.

Theresa has specifically recommended to try Vi’s Raspberry and White Chocolate split, we must say this was rich in flavor and beautifully presented to us, you can’t leave the Milk Market without buying that cake first.

She’s baking bread, tarts, cakes and Stromboli with organic ingredients that double the flavor of it!

milk market limerick sunflower Bakery milk market limerick sunflower Bakery milk market limerick sunflower Bakery milk market limerick sunflower Bakery

We ordered a Stromboli Pizza with goats cheese and it was absolutely delicious, she toasted it for us while we went to look around at another stall and once it was ready she surprised us and delivered it straight to us!

milk market limerick sunflower Bakery milk market limerick sunflower Bakery

You must visit the Sunflower Bakery for the smell of bread alone and tarts will put you in a sensational state of hunger that is sure to satisfy you.
Hats off to you Vi!

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Quinoa & Kale

This delicious stand delivers perhaps the most amazing salads, sliced & diced by Ian, his Mom and Father also support by contributing their very own salads.
It all started when the Father changed his diet to be vegetarian and found real beauty and a vast range of food that can be made without meat.
The result? See and taste for yourself! we sure enjoyed the amazing taste of the salads made by this family!

The colourful range of Hummus they sell and give a taste of is beyond divine, the seasoning is perfectly mixed into the blend giving the Hummus a divine taste.

milk market limerick quinoa and kale milk market limerick quinoa and kale

Divine Salads, Hats off to you Quinoa & Kale!

milk market limerick quinoa and kale

As a ‘master’ Tabbouleh salad maker – from self experience I can guarantee that the Tabbouleh salad made by Ian’s Father has not only reached my expectations – but went and above and beyond them. That Salad was made with care and the effort it takes to dice it to tiny little pieces takes a lot of time and care with the seasoning. Hats off to you!!! (Again…!)

Be sure to like their page below and like them, but more than that – go and visit them at the Milk Market to try it for yourself and let your friends and family know!

Check them out on Facebook:

Tea 4 You

Joanna, Arrived to Ireland 10 years ago and opened her business 6 years ago. Initially it was coffee only and overtime added tea to the market and is now selling both of them.
She has 6 suppliers from around the world and some of them are 4 generations old!

All teas are packed together by hand to avoid breakage of the leaves which adds to the quality of the product, highly appreciative of such great tea.

If you notice below, the glasses of wine are not for wine tasting. it’s in order for you grab that aromatic scent of the Teas she has for sale in a very creative way.

milk market limerick Tea 4 you milk market limerick Tea 4 you milk market limerick Tea 4 you milk market limerick Tea 4 you milk market limerick milk market limerick

We bought ourselves some ‘Sleep well’ and Nettle tea and they sure were calming and have a great aromatic flavor to them.
Besides the vast amount of Teas she has on the stall and her website – you’ll also find Tea Filters and several types and sizes of Tea Pots with glasses to match.

We are happy to take our hats off to Joanna, she has definitely made an amazing job.

Find her on Facebook and Website: http://tea4you.ie/

Milk Market Limerick

There’s a few things worth noting about the Milk Market, it has so much potential for business owners to show their produce to new customers and show their new produce to old customers who visit the market regularly.

The place is an amazing location for those who love to go for a relaxing walk, meet people and enjoy a few snacks and wonderful artisan products.

We really want to thank all the great people we’ve met and who were happy to have lovely conversations with us about their products and recommended other stalls, there’s a real beautiful unity within this market. It is definitely worth a visit and we are happy to take our Hats Off to them and the organizers of the Limerick Milk Market.

Check them out on Social Media and their Website for news and updates: