It seems like there’s no end to ice cream stories this month, all that Dav Nash wanted was a little bit of Ice cream from Tesco, however to his surprise, he got a sad looking cone missing the best ingredients.

Check out his ‘Complaint-story’ to Tesco on Facebook:

Once upon a time, a small indepedent store called Tesco crafted a very special Cornetto (of course, it was not a...

Posted by Dav Nash on Sunday, April 3, 2016

The story doesn’t end here, “Tescodonia” replied to Dav Nash with creativity – whoever is behind Tesco’s social media is truly rocking it and we are taking our hats off to Dav Nash for the brilliantly written complaint and Tesco’s eloquent response!

Ice cream from tesco

Hats off to ya Dav!