The Wooden Spoon Killaloe

One thing we can tell you about The Wooden Spoon in Killaloe, you MUST go there.
You might not even notice this shop if you just walk the street, we simply wanted some coffee and looked up on our phones to find the closest Coffee shop and The Wooden Spoon was the closest to us.

This funky and colourful shop in the center of Killaloe will definitely surprise everything you can think of when it comes to food.
If you’re trying to avoid innovative sweets in your life – leave this page now. Be warned you’ll be missing big time if you leave.

The first thing you’ll notice before even coming in, series of green plants and a wooden boards sparking with pictures of the food you will find inside.The Wooden Spoon Cafe Shop

You will be welcomed with a large collection of even more colourful food, cakes, muffins – you name it, The Wooden Spoon got it!The Wooden Spoon Brownie

We have never in our lives seen so many colours in one place, good thing? yes!
The Wooden Spoon Killaloe

A mix of a little kid’s dreamful bedroom, with books on shelves and stars hanging from the ceiling.
It’s kind of like stepping into Alices Wonderland and going to the Mad Hatters tea party!
The Wooden Spoon Killaloe

Table designed from a wooden door, if you’re ever feeling lost and need to spice up your creativity – then this is the right place for it.
The Wooden Spoon Killaloe The Wooden Spoon Killaloe ReviewThe Wooden Spoon Killaloe

Yes, this is a chocolate brownie with raspberry jam on top.
The Wooden Spoon Killaloe

This is one of the normal brownies, which is to my taste – a black hole of chocolate, just the way I like it.
The Wooden Spoon Brownie The Wooden Spoon Brownie

Gillian had taken the Brownie with Raspberry Jam. (I stole as much as I could from her.)
The Wooden Spoon Brownie

Perhaps the best brownie we’ve ever had in our lives.
The Wooden Spoon Brownie

The Wooden Spoon has a unique charm to it, from the colourful decor to the sparkly brownies, cakes and muffins.
It has this special feeling inside that makes you feel like a kid again, suddenly every dream you’ve had is now possible and you can imagine again the things you wanted to be when you were just a young kid.

We take our super sparkly hats off to The Wooden Spoon and can recommend it to all of you who wish to dream again.

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