Cycling in Ireland

Ireland has seen a huge surge in the popularity of cycling recently. People are now cycling to work, cycling for pleasure and cycling for fitness. Wherever you are in Ireland, you’re sure meet lots of bicycles, whether it’s a racer boosting their fitness or a mountain biker exploring the countryside.

When it comes to cycling, there are lots of benefits. Cycling keeps you fit, helps you maintain your health and it’s also good for your mental health. Instead of working out indoors in a gym, cycling lets you explore your surrounds while getting some fresh air into your lungs! Cycling is a hobby people of all ages and abilities can enjoy.

Did you know that Ireland is now one of Europe’s top cycling destinations? Ireland’s mild year round climate means that tourists from all over the world can enjoy cycling the country or city roads any time of the year. Ireland has over 99,000 km of surfaced county roads which makes it the ideal destination for seasoned road cyclists.

Depending on your trail preference, there are tons of well-ridden routes for you to choose from. To make your decision easier, The Ocean Sands Hotel created the infographic below that features some of the top cycle routes all over Ireland – they were kind enough to share it with us.


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