This charming gourmet restaurant in Rosslare, Wexord – is perhaps the best gourmet food restaurant experience we’ve had.

We’ve been staying in one of Rosslare’s vacation homes next to the beach, what we thought looked like a 20 minutes walk was actually 50, sore legs and a freezing weather made this walk even worse.

We arrived around 9:50 to another restaurant and the kitchen was already in the process of closing.
So we marched on towards what we thought was the only other restaurant open a nearby Chinese restaurant, but instead we stumbled upon a little hidden gem called Wild & Native.

Walking in to this quaint little restaurant was warm. the place had a few people still sitting down eating, so we decided to chance our arm to see if we could get a seat.

We were greeted by a lovely waitress who checked with the owner (Jodie) if they’re still serving food, Jodie went to check with the Chef, Fergal who is in fact her husband and gave us the thumbs up.

We were really surprised because the kitchen looked closed. The chef seemed only too happy to prepare food for us hungry souls.

The design is gorgeous, from the pallets on the walls, each table setup with a single fresh rose and comfy chairs with a lot of space for privacy.

Wild & Native

Wild & Native

Wild & Native


Wild & Native

Wild & Native

Wild & Native

The place is designed in a way that makes you feel like home, the refined dark wood makes the place feel warm and welcoming.

Wild & Native

Wild & Native

We ordered Entree’s and a single main dish, it took around 15 minutes for the food arrive – which was more than fair considering the chef had to reopen the kitchen for us.

So let’s get to it:

Crab claws in garlic butter – the plate had probably the biggest crab claws we’ve ever seen, and the smell was amazing! The flavor was delicious.
Hats off for the great design and presentation.

Wild & Native Crab Claws Wild & Native Crab Claws Wild & Native Crab Claws

Next was the Seafood chowder.
It was in my opinion quite unique to see mussels inside, each piece of fish was delicious and ‘meaty’ – a great choice to warm you up on a cold day.

Wild & Native Fish chowder Wild & Native Fish Chowder

Duck spring rolls with plum sauce. (Food art)

Wild & Native Wild & Native Wild & Native

Liver pate with toast and salad.

Wild & Native Liver pateWild & Native Liver pate

Lentil stew in a roasted red pepper topped with feta cheese and a pesto dressing.
There was also aubergine and a lot of spinach underneath, cooked to perfection.

Wild & Native Liver pate Wild & Native

At the end of the meal we were the last couple there – Chef Fergal and Jodie came to chat with us for a bit and we really thanked them for opening the kitchen and the amazing food he cooked for us – They were very generous with their time and  told us their story.  Initially they opened a gourmet food and gift store in the town, gradually moving into a cafe shop with a few small tables.  As business boomed people began requesting more of what the little shop had to offer, so eventually they decided to no longer resist what the people wanted, and rather than have a petite cafe allow Chef Fergals true love for food to shine in what is now the charming little restaurant with Jodie at the front of house serving up a quality  gourmet menu.


The chef informed us that the menu can change from time to time because of changes of the weather and to maintain the highest quality of fresh ingredients on a daily basis.

We asked if they could get us a taxi but to no success there wasn’t any in the area.
The nice chef – Fergal, who has been cooking all day and through the night and even reopened the kitchen for us has given us a ride back to the vacation home and told us about his 3 kids and the story of his restaurant.

Fergal has been cooking since he was 16 years and has been in the cuisine business for 21 years.  During that time he was a consultant in Le Bon Crubeen and worked in The Shelbourne, The Morrisson and he is an award winning chef.

We take our hats off for the best experience to date in a gourmet restaurant to Chef Fergal and his wife Jodie for the effort and kindness.

Phone: (053) 913 2668

Rosslare Strand road