I promised to never post anything negative on Hats off Ireland(And yet, it’s somehow positive), but seeing as Eala Bhán, one of the favourite restaurants I have visited on my journey to Sligo had 24 NO SHOWS after ringing twice to confirm, I found some good after all!


Many have reacted with anger and sympathy for the famous restaurant, an hour later they decided to hand out free food to a homeless shelter in Sligo.
Fortunately, Something incredibly good came out of this thanks to Eala Bhán.

As a writer about restaurants and seeing the hard work of the owners, please remember that for every table missing – you’re hurting their restaurant and us the diners who don’t have to say our Credit card when reserving a table.

I’m really happy someone good came after this, and hope nothing like this happens again.

My heart truly goes to you Eala Bhán, and hats off for the amazing gesture.