What to do in Killarney

The top 10 things to do in Killarney – Last year in May, I took the train to Killarney and it was one of my favourite places and perhaps the best getaways I’ve ever had in life.
And I believe it’s the most peaceful place on earth, green and tourist friendly. If you’ve never been here, now’s the time to plan a visit and here’s a little help with the top 10 things you can do in Killarney.

1. Killarney National Park

This is the peaceful part, it’s green and quiet – the perfect place to have a quiet mind. Away from all the shite in the world; disasters, elections, work… you get where I’m going with this. There’re a few options here.

You take the Horse Carriage tour that does a circle around the park with a guide, from a cyclist’s perspective it looked very tempting to ditch the bike and hop on one of these.

Book here:

top 10 things to do in killarney what to do in killarney horse carriage

2. Horse Riding in Killarney National Park

Horse Rising in Killarney is a very appealing activity, rides around the Loch Lein lake(Lough Leane on Google maps to avoid confusion) you’re definitely in for a great time and sight-seeing from a completely different angle, and hey… you’ll be riding a horse the whole time.

Check their link below for the options:

what to do in killarney horse riding

Source: Killarney Riding Stables’s Facebook page

3. Cycling in Killarney’s National Park

That’s my personal favourite, I’ve been cycling since I was a kid and this has been a pleasure. Start and stop whenever you want, enjoy the views at your own pace and why not bring a few friends to the journey?

There’s more than a few shops in Killarney if you don’t have your own bike that rent out their bikes and all you have to do is leave an ID.

You can rent in the shops below, see the links.

Here are a few pictures I captured while cycling:

cycling in killarney national park

killarney national park lake

killarney hidden area

4. Ross Castle

I took a stroll from town towards the castle, it was the most peaceful walk, there’s barely anyone walking the paths towards the castle and left to think about life without distractions.

Killarney ross castle walk

killarney bench national park

killarney ross castle sign

killarney ross castle

5. Torc Waterfall

A short but also a magical walk towards the top of the waterfall, feel the clear waterfall showers on your face and take a picture, some people take to the extent of hiking towards the top of the mountain for a view of Killarney.
A truly memorable place.

torc waterfall self

Don’t mess with the view!

torc waterfall

Much better now…!



















6. Muckross Gardens, House & Restaurant

This was a good stop after cycling for a good bit, I bought a refreshing juice and a sandwich to refuel and sat outside in the sun. It was lovely to see kids running around and playing in the gardens.

muckross gardens

Source: http://www.muckross-house.ie/

7. Gap of Dunloe

Beautiful sights can be seen here, with either the boat or horse carriage, this jewel of a place shouldn’t be missed if you’re planning a trip to Killarney. the boat tour goes through all 3 three lakes as well and looks incredibly fun for those of us who like the water breeze. Perfect for holding hands with your lover or for those who look for a family adventure.

(Boat)This is called according to the “Gap of Dunloe Tours” a more of an adventure than a tour, they can also pick you up from your accommodation.

At the link below you can book your lift towards the Gap of Dunloe so you can take either the Carriage/boat or simply stroll and view the exquisite views.

gap of dunloe

8. Devil’s Punch Bowl – Magnetron Mountain

Hiking not for the feint of heart, tough and a rocky trail up towards a beautiful view of south Kerry. It’s not an easy walk and has slippery rocks that could easily lead to ankle injuries. with scenic sights of nature that are definitely out to blow your hats off!

Devil's Punch Bowl

Source: Activeme.ie

9. Restaurants in Killarney

Killarney has definitely raised alarms for me with really good restaurants on my sight. One that seriously took my breath was recommended by the hotel I stayed in, I’ve had the most beautiful dish. I remember very clearly excited since coming back from my trip to the National Park that I was starving for dinner, and since the restaurant is right outside – I walked in like a boss only to find out it’s fully booked! they asked me if I could sit for 10 minutes and they’ll confirm. Man… was I LUCKY that night with a missing table, because I had the best memorable dinner with some nice lads and great craic. unfortunately, I do not have pictures as this was BEFORE the blog came up, but here’s what I gathered:

Our new favourite restaurant in Killarney 😀👍🏻🍽

A photo posted by Jenny Young (@jenniyoung) on

Dinner in Killarney with Mum. Irish crab appies!

A photo posted by Tarra Mitchell (@tarra.mitchell) on

Now, I’m not a man to remember his meals, especially from a year and a half ago(I’m totally lying, I remember everything I eat), however – I do remember that what I ate was a Nutroast, and they still have it on their menu according to their website.

Brace yourselves at Bricin, I’m returning soon!

10. Nightlife & Bar crawling

Considering I was travelling by myself trying to clear my head, I didn’t really plan to spend my night in a bar. But here I am and I couldn’t sleep, so why not?

I start hopping from one bar to another having the most amazing craic in several bars, I met Irish-Americans returning to their hometown for a visit, tourists from around the globe and the best cold beer you could ask.

killarney bar


Have you been to Killarney recently? tell me about it in the comments!