We’ve heard of Wanderlust from a good friend of ours, she’s a huge fan of it and we drive by Dalkey often, so we jumped in!

Usually, I walk into restaurants not expecting anything unless I’m starving for something specific.
This time I walked in and thought let’s just eat whatever looks nice on the menu.
For your information: Wanderlust stands for ‘a strong desire to travel’.

Located in one of my favorite places to eat, Wanderlust has wowed me and it’s a place of little words.
It’s beautiful and charming on the inside. Cool staff, but warm and friendly!

Happiness was involved in our dishes, and these are the results.

Steak Tacos

An absolute delight for the tongue, beautiful homemade Salsa with Guacamole and chipotle on a skinny taco.
Steak slices were juicy with the zestiness of lime.

Wanderlust Tacos


Crispy! Yum-num num!

Wanderlust fries

Crispy Tofu Salad

Normally, I’ll be very critical of my Tofu, but this one is VERY good.
Marinated perfectly, say no to ‘spongy’ Tofus and YES to crispy Tofus!
Comes with deadly cashew nuts, spring onions, pickled red onions, cos lettuce, chilli and honey soy dressing.


Wanderlust Crispy Tofu Salad


Magnificent Vanilla Ice Cream with Chocolate crumbs and salted Caramel sauce. Topped with honeycomb chunks.
On a sunny day, you should order two of these.

Wanderlust Sundae Dessert


We had a fantastic time in Wanderlust, while the starters price is fairly high for the amount provided in the Tacos, it tasted great and on spot.
The Tofu Salad deserves our hats off for pulling off a really nice Crispiness on the Tofu, there is irresistible food in Wanderlust.
We’ll be back for more Sundaes. So should you.

See the map at the bottom for their location in Dalkey.
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