The Skin Nerd

If you haven’t already heard of her, the latest snapchat and currently trending on our phones is the wonderfully quirky, adorably funny and knowledgeable skin master Jennifer Rock. This skin nerd has made the skincare world fun to learn about and easy to comply with. We love her and here is why we think this Skin Nerd Rocks!!

Shes quirky and funny to watch  The Skin Nerd Jennifer Rock

Jennifer has created an almost cartoon character like version of herself. Her demeanor on screen and in her day to day life as we follow her is quirky, fun and generally upbeat. We cant keep our eyes off this nerdy feline who reminds of our school teacher who’s going to tell us off if we don’t use our cleanse off mitts and feed our skin from within.  She does this in the coolest form and has mastered the tag line….. Remember the Skin is an organ. sometimes I find myself going about the day saying this to myself (doing my homework).

She adds value

While many Snapchatters or Wantrepreneurs promote products on whats the best new tried and tested product, sometimes just regurgitating the latest google search, this girl continues to educate and give away her knowledge on skincare daily.

Jennifer will fill her Facebook and Snapchat with mini tutorials, tips and guidance on how to look after your skin externally and feed your skin from within. Her approach to skincare is a very holistic approach, based on knowledge, science and general hands on experience. She gives, and gives so much of herself and has become a real advocate for honest promotion of skincare with the clients best interests always at the forefront.

Very often she will have a Q & A session and for those that she doesn’t get around to she will promote other professionals in the skincare industry thus creating work for skincare specialists and keeping clients very happy. No doubt she has contributed to visits and work towards skin specialists.

Shes a master of her craftscreen-shot-2016-09-02-at-00-52-39

I don’t think anyone can say this girl doesn’t know what she is talking about. Her posts and replies
are themed with the best medical advice on skincare , role modeled with the best ways to treat your skin. Not only does she talk the talk but she walks the walk and her healthy glowing skin speaks for itself.

Her product is a solution

Quite often the successful Entrepreneurs in the world are the ones which have the simplest ideas. Her products provides a solution for many women who are using excessive amounts of products to clean the skin to take makeup off. The Cleanse off Mitt which is really reasonably priced is a product which is a “reusable microfibre cosmetic mitt designed to remove makeup and oil from the skin.”

It is functional, and does exactly what it says on the tin by cleansing the skin in a safe manner. Jennifer has made it fun and easy to use and shows us how to clean and care for it daily through her daily snaps makes it a fun thing to do instead of being a daily chore. Quite often when we see her snaps you feel if shes doing it I must also. She’s like the skincare school teacher on your phone, and everybody wants to be a good student!

Lastly the most honourable thing about Ms Rock is her passion for her craft. Her passion for skincare is infectious – She makes learning to love your skin fun, educational and very easy to follow. Quite often she will tell her fans, this is a hobby for me and there is just too many HUMANS to reply to so she does her best to educate the masses of followers. Jennifer also works for Image Skincare and no doubt has been a massive asset to their success.

Although her hobby has now become an art form we have no doubt she will continue to thrive. When our love for something becomes so big, we want to share it with the world. Jennifer does this in the coolest way while helping others. We think you Rock Ms Rock so Hats off to this lovely Irish lass who is changing the way we view skincare!!!


The Skin Nerd Jennifer Rock Snapchat